Traditional fibre production at Chemosvit Fibrochem began as early as 1934. The initial production of viscose and later polyamide fibres was replaced in 1974 by the production of polypropylene fine fibres under the name PROLEN®. During its more than forty-year history, the PROLEN® brand has been introduced on every continent on the planet and is used, among other applications, in the thermal clothing of many well-known sportswear brands. Proprietary technological and manufacturing know-how and advanced management procedures guarantee long-term stability for every customer. Chemosvit Fibrochem s.r.o. is today the strongest and most experienced producer of low fineness multifilament polypropylene fibres in Europe.

Prolen® fibre isone of the most environmentally friendly fibres in existence today, as it uses less energy, almost zero water, no pesticides or insecticides than natural fibres, and its production does not pollute the environment or the air. It is dyed in the mass. This means that no harmful chemicals are emitted and no litres of water are wasted in the dyeing process, as is the case with other fibres, especially surface-dyed ones. The certified pigments used are permanently embedded in the polypropylene polymer matrix, do not migrate into the skin or water, and thus retain colour saturation and stability throughout the life of the final product. Disperse and surface dyes used to dye polyesters or cotton are gradually released not only into wastewater but also into the skin and can be a source of allergies and skin problems. The health safety, hypoallergenic, hydrophobic and functional properties of Prolen fibres provide an environmentally friendly alternative with exceptional performance in the final products.

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